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Chillers repair in Madison, Jackson and Carthage

A&B Mechanical has been Madison, Jackson and Carthage’s premier residential and commercial HVAC technicians for many years. One of our many areas of expertise is in repairing the chillers that keep air conditioning units producing cold air. We not only fix HVAC system chillers but also those in stand-alone air cooling units.

What is a Chiller?

Chillers are a vital component in any air conditioning system. The A/C system that most residents in Madison, Jackson and Carthage use is part of a larger HVAC system that controls and distributes the temperature throughout their home or business. Chillers use a heat exchanger to remove the heat from air, water or another liquid using vapor-compression or an absorption refrigeration cycle.

Signs that Your Chiller Needs to be Replaced or Repaired

  • Because chiller’s include a system of pumps in order for the refrigerant to circulate, any leaks or pressure issues can cause failure in the machine
  • If low on refrigerant liquid for any reason the cooling process will be significantly affected and temperatures may fluctuate
  • Thermostat malfunction is another very common issue with chillers. Any issues with the electronics that set the optimal operating temperature will have your HVAC performing at a less than ideal level
  • Lack of maintenance can also play a factor in chiller underperformance

Chiller Repair and Replacement

Our expert and licensed repair technicians can replace or repair most residential and commercial chillers in the Madison, Jackson and Carthage area and our annual maintenance inspection ensures that any further problems are also addressed immediately. The professionals at A&B Mechanical are able to fix chiller issues such as low/high pressure, blown fuses, oil failure and more.

If your product isn’t reaching the temperatures it should be, A&B Mechanical’s specialists are Madison, Jackson and Carthage’s top choice for any necessary repairs or adjustments.

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