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Total Control from One System

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems allow users complete control of the heating and cooling processes in their homes and businesses. They are increasingly popular and the majority of modern residential and commercial building owners in the Madison, Jackson and Carthage area choose to use HVAC systems for both efficiency reasons and ease of control. Because the settings for your furnace and air conditioning are controlled in the same location, it is imperative that the controls are functioning properly. A&B Mechanical has partnered with Honeywell, one of the most recognized international technological companies, and in conjunction with them our licensed repair technicians can sell or repair virtually any HVAC control that Madison, Jackson and Carthage residents might be using.

Because of our partnership with Honeywell, A&B Mechanical is able to offer our customers the finest Honeywell HVAC Control products and their extensions.

Honeywell HVAC Controls

Honeywell Spyder

  • Comes in two different sizes; the standard Spyder or the Spyder Micro for those looking to be more environmentally conscious and reduce the amount of inputs and outputs
  • Most versatile controller, programmable with the vast majority of HVAC system
  • Contains an internal clock and DC power supply

Honeywell Stryker

  • Configurable with stand-alone and Webs-AX systems for commercial buildings
  • Most useful unit for systems with many VAV boxes or constant volume air handling units
  • Custom terminal labels and wiring diagrams are available for ease of use

*We also offer our customers the Spyder compatible Sylk I/O Module for those who need to expand their Input/Output count by up to 12 extra points.

HVAC Repairs

A&B Mechanical has the most experienced, licensed repair specialists in the Madison, Jackson and Carthage area. Our partnership with Honeywell allows us to offer Madison, Jackson and Carthage residents the highest quality service and our annual maintenance and communicative style ensures the continued satisfaction of our customers.

The installation and continued functionality of your full control HVAC system is our mission. At A&B Mechanical, we strive to do our best to partner with the top companies and the finest technicians to bring Madison, Jackson and Carthage homes and businesses the comfort they deserve.

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